12 Ways To Eat Cheap While Traveling Around the World


Eating out is expensive. When traveling, the cost of trying out new restaurants and eating street food can skyrocket in no time. The good news is there are travel hacks to lower costs, while still making it possible for you to enjoy the best cuisine every destination has to offer.

1. Seek Out Complimentary Breakfast

Whether you choose to book an Airbnb, hostel or traditional hotel, you might luck out with a complimentary breakfast deal. Having at least one meal covered per day can help reduce your food expenses.

2. Find Travel Meal Plans

Sometimes, your accommodations or a nearby restaurant will offer full meal plans. When you choose this option, you may get select menu items for a one-time price, for the duration of your stay.

3. Catch Lunch Specials

Restaurants all around the world tend to have at least one meal or dish that might be cheaper each day. Find out what those are and choose them when you eat out.

4. Book a Kitchen

When you book your room, try to find one that has basic facilities for cooking. If you can’t find this, consider bringing an electric cooktop with you. Cooking some of your meals can reduce expenses.

5. Pack Meals

Even without access to a kitchen, there are some meals you can make that don’t require cooking. This might include salads, sandwiches, cereal or even cheese and crackers.

6. Shop Locally

Your meals will taste so much better if you use local ingredients. Ask the locals for recipes or check travel blogs online. You can also find ways to include local ingredients into recipes from home.

7. Eat Street Food

Street food is almost always less expensive than what you might pay to eat inside a restaurant. Consider the health risks, buy food in clean areas and wash or sanitize your hands before eating.

8. Go for Drinks

Drinks tend to cost a lot less than food and can also give you a true taste of the local culture. For instance, who can pass up a cup of Italian coffee or a bottle of French wine?

9. Book Food Tours

When reputable travel companies do food tours, they may have special relationships with local vendors. This might allow you to pay one price for tasting a wide range of dishes across town.

10. Visit Farms

Are you in or near a rural area? Many local farms might have fruits, vegetables and dishes you can try. Be sure to consider any health warnings and travel advisories before doing so.

11. Barter Services

You never know what local farms, bars or restaurants will accept extra help for an hour or so in exchange for a free meal. Try your luck. Be sure to check visa requirements, because some countries require a work visa even for free labor.

12. Avoid Lounges

When traveling, getting hungry is natural. However, airport food is high-priced and often unhealthy. Pack snakes and wait until you get to your destination to chow down.

Delicious food is only one of the many components of a good travel experience. By saving how much money you allocate to that expense, you can have more money left for adventuring and trying out local attractions.